Chastity Garner Valentine is one of our favorite curvy fashion bloggers (we even featured her in our recent roundup of the most stylish plus size women!), and we love scrolling through her Instagram for style inspiration. Valentine is also known for recreating celebrity looks, and killing them!

In her first Instagram post of 2018, Valentine posted a side-by-side photo of her rocking a very similar tee-and-skirt combo that Beyoncé recently wore. Beyoncé wore a distressed vintage Vogue t-shirt with a Givenchy red midi skirt and translucent ankle strap sandals, and Valentine literally nailed the look (including the deconstructed tee and gold jewelry!) from head-to-toe. 


Valentine, who’s also a co-founder of theCURVYcon, reveals that she purchased a men’s version of the t-shirt Beyoncé wore. You can purchase it yourself here

Here’s a look back at the fashion-forward outfit that Beyoncé wore a few weeks ago.


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Emulating Queen Bey certainly isn’t easy, but Valentine made it look flawless.