Just in time for the holidays, Converse released a leather collection durable enough for the breezy temperatures ahead. For the brand’s latest release, the SP20 Pro Leather collection tapped five emerging creatives; Kelly Oubre Jr., Paloma Elsesser, Sage Elsesser, IDK, and Natasha Cloud to star in their latest campaign. Inspired by basketball legend Julius Erving also known as Dr. J’s iconic style, the pro leather’s simple, structured silhouette informed by its initial run as a basketball shoe has become Erving’s favorite sneaker. The Pro Leather was a change from the canvas. There were some experimental shoes before it, but this became the one to compete in,” says Erving.

The Pro Leather collection is meant to fit everyone, and the stars of the campaign weighed in on how they would describe their individuality. For NBA star Kelly Oubre, its all about feeling as he says, “For me man, I’m trying to make every day a masterpiece. It’s all about being creative. My style is just me, it’s my emotion, it’s who I am. Whatever you see is how I feel.”

The Converse Pro Leather was released today in a classic White/Red as part of the All Star Pack. The remaining trio of equally clean, sharp color schemes will be available in early 2020.

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