Christian Siriano On Helping Cancer Survivors
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Christian Siriano has set his mission in being the luxe designer that anyone can wear. Despite the usual sample size aesthetic fashion plays into, Siriano sets himself apart by catering to people of all shapes and sizes. With his mission of inclusivity sitting at the helm of each collection, the Project Runway superstar is also giving back for his latest venture.

The designer teamed up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the all-in-one store Burlington to help young cancer survivors find great fashions that suit their personal style. To kick off this initiative, Siriano hosted an event Tuesday afternoon where a few kids received styling tips from the designer himself.

“Working with LLS and Burlington has brought together two of my passions, driving awareness for lifesaving cancer research and, of course, fashion.” – Christian Siriano.

For the 18th consecutive year, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society teamed up with Burlington to raise funds for research and patient support. From September 9 through December 2, Burlington Stores nationwide will encourage its customers to donate $1 or more at checkout to support LLS and its goal to create a world without blood cancer.

ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the designer who is not only fresh off his NYFW show but, preparing for Paris Fashion Week as well. Read below.

ESSENCE: Why was working with Burlington and TK so important to you?

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Siriano: It’s kind of a no brainer and I think clothes are emotional. The pieces make us feel something. Watching the kids shop through the racks and pick out clothes that they’re so excited about was a feel-good thing, even if it’s for one day. I think that’s why I wanted to do it because it’s a really nice moment for them to feel fabulous and fun.

ESSENCE: What does a Christian Sirano makeover entail?

Siriano: We pick the things that I think they would like or aspire to wear. And we just have fun going through the racks and picking out accessories too.

ESSENCE: What advice would you give someone who is struggling with an illness but, doesn’t want that to define them?

Siriano: Obviously if you’re still not feeling great you want to be comfortable. But, I think there are ways to still push yourself a little bit. Try things you’ve never tried before. I wanted all the kids today to really have fun and go for it.

ESSENCE: You’re fresh off your NYFW show, does that feeling going away?

Siriano: It goes quick. It’s so sad because you work so hard at it and it’s over in 10 minutes but, it feels good. I think luckily the collection lasts for a long time, the Emmy’s are this weekend, and then we’re showing in Paris.