Nothing says glamour like fur, whether it’s a just a touch on the collar or the wrist of a glove. Even faux fur which was once frowned upon, has revamped its image, and is now just as fab and more even more affordable. But, most prefer the real deal for it’s incomparable quality, and that requires very special treatment. Saulo Villela of fashion fur company Adrienne Landau, gives us some tips and tricks on how to take care of it:

Keep your fur away from any bright lights and store in a dry, dark, cool closet. Too much heat removes the oils, causing the fur to dry out.

Have your fur cleaned and moisturized regularly by a professional. Pelts (skin) will dry over time and may tear.

During the summer, find a local fur storage facility. They will keep the fur in an environment where temperature and humidity levels are controlled.