This article originally appeared on Instyle.

If you’re in need of pretty shoes that won’t hurt your feet, block heel sandals are definitely the way to go. Unlike skinny stiletto’s, the chunky heels won’t throw you off balance, and they are gentler on aching heels.

And just because the shoes come with a much more comfortable fit, doesn’t mean they cut back on sacrifice style. Block heel sandals come in chic silhouettes that are just as fancy traditional high heels.

You can find lace-up designs that wrap around the ankle and even embellished options with feathers, ruffles, and bows.

So there’s no need to lug flats around in your purse. You can run errands, tackle meetings, and do some sightseeing in a beautiful pair of block heels sandals.

We’ve gathered some of the prettiest options around to help you find a knockout pair.


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