Black Male Fashion Creatives To Follow On TikTok
Photo: @lexsonator

TikTok, once starting out as a hub for dancing and comedic relief, has also become a vertical for fashion, beauty, and talent. Fashion forward creators on the app are now able to share their best styling tips, trends, and cool outfits for everyone to see and admire. 

With TikTok creators being invited to fashion weeks, doing campaigns with fashion brands, and gaining millions of views on videos, the app has emerged as a considered factor in the fashion industry in less than two years. Menswear fashion has been more prominent than ever on the app, with TikTok users like @wisdm being featured in Vogue and @futuristix_ attending Milan Fashion Week.

Instagram is a huge app for fashion content creators. While the media source has been known for dominating Womenswear fashion, menswear fashion has also started to rise. Here are 20 of our favorite Black male fashion creators to follow on social media and creating a new lane for menswear style.