Beyoncé Or the Everyday Woman: Who This Stylist Prefers To Dress
When it comes to celeb stylist Memsor, his client list is endless. From Beyoncé to President Barack Obama, this extraordinaire continues to stylishly slay.  But when it comes to working his magic for the everyday woman, his thoughts are simply refreshing. 
“I started with styling celebrities in editorial and recently I moved into doing real people,” Memsor said.  He expressed that the biggest part about working with real women is that it’s “no longer just a moment or a performance piece and you’re done. You are creating something that someone has to live with. Beyoncé can dress up and you can see the photo in a magazine and that’s fantastic. However, when you style someone that has to go to a job or has to walk on the streets and live a real full life—I get a lot more fulfillment out of doing that because there is something a little more lasting there.
Well, we are here Memsor, whenever you are ready to style us!