The Best Style Hacks To Know — According To A Celebrity Stylist
Instagram/Bec Gross

We’ve all been there: can’t locate an iron, top not fitting properly, jeans just a little too tight, not flattering our physique. Usually, it results in having to switch up our outfit completely, putting a serious wrench in that perfect ensemble we had planned in our head. Bec Gross, celebrity fashion stylist, is making it her mission to ensure that those occurrences arise less-frequently—and she’s doing so with her Monday Style Hack videos on Instagram.

“I just felt like over the years in my career as a stylist, I have learned so many tricks of the trade and ‘style hacks’ that shouldn’t be reserved only for those that can afford
a professional fitting or photoshoot with a stylist,” Gross tells ESSENCE. “The average woman deserves to feel her best and I really wanted to simply help women with any insight that I might have in my position as a fashion stylist.”

So every Monday, the stylist, whose worked with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Malika Haqq and King Bach, posts a new video to her Instagram feed, solving a common dilemma that we often face while getting dressed. Thus far, she’s unlocked the keys to getting your garments wrinkle-free without an iron or steamer, lifting your breasts for low-hanging shirts, and how to find denim that will accentuate, not minimize your hips and midsection. “Fashion is an amazing industry and can be extremely fun and creative,” she says. “However, I am aware of the fact that getting dressed can be a struggle for many. I hope that these hacks can help the everyday woman feel more comfortable in getting dressed and to build a platform that reaches more and more women to honestly change lives through fashion.”

And good news ahead: another hack is coming next Monday. So ladies, be sure to give Gross a follow, turn on your post notifications, and prepare to be blown away with fashion tips you can actually use.