Perhaps one of the best parts of Halloween aside from candy, parties and a reason to be someone else for the night are the babies and kids who nail their outfits. From Michelle and Barack Obama to miniature animals these are the costumes we just couldn’t get over.


Look at this mini elephant!


The sweetest little frappuccino we’ve ever seen!


How cute can one little gum ball machine be?


There’s nothing scary about this little scarecrow.


Curious George has nothing on this little munchkin.


When you’re an amazing mom, sometimes they just want to be you. Isn’t Viola Davis’ baby adorable?


Don’t mess with his little cat lady.


This little Pocahontas is precious!


We’re gushing over how cute this little guy is as Chucky from the Rugrats.


What’s better than a pint-sized Michelle and Barack Obama?


This baby girl nailed her Erykah Badu costume!


We don’t want to get stung by this little bee.


Happy Halloween!!!


My little #wombfire rockstar and the lead singer of Orion & The Constellations 🎤✨

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