The Best-Dressed Black Creatives On Instagram This Week
Photo: Instagram/@@chaneeezy

When it comes to the weather this season, there’s no telling what you’re going to get. Somedays it may be relatively warm while others call for a slightly heavier jacket. Arguably, that’s what makes fall great. The layering, and if you’re lucky, your summer wardrobe, can still be interchangeable.

While scrolling down our feed this week, we were able to catch a number of seasonal essentials that were quickly added to our shopping carts, like fitted black tees, oversized sports-inspired long sleeves, and a good pair of denim. We also spotted classic style autumnal hacks like pairing a long boot with a mini skirt – essential for protecting the legs but managing to pull off a skirt in these chillier months.

Let’s be honest, Instagram can serve as the best place to find your next outfit. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a little inspiration from the Internet, and these creatives brought the best style this week.