Behind The Scenes At The Saweetie x Pretty Little Thing Show
Photo: Matthew Sperzel

Last month, Saweetie announced her collaboration with the trendy retailer Pretty Little Thing. The self-proclaimed “Icy Girl” is always in jaw-dropping looks so a fashion collaboration was way overdue.

Founded by Umar Kamani, the brand has built a stan-cult following with the help of influencers, reliable clothes, and two appointment-only showrooms in Miami and Los Angeles. With their collaborations ranging from Karl Kani and Teyana Taylor to Kourtney Kardashian, Pretty Little Thing has their fast-fashion competitors beat with star-studded support.

During NYFW, Pretty Little Thing made its way to the Big Apple to celebrate its newest collection with rapper, Saweetie. Although its show was on the same day (and time) as high-end designers like Tommy x Zendaya and Pyer Moss, the brand brought out a packed house. Performances from Lil Kim, Ashanti, and Quavo and a packed front row that included Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Kehlani, Jasmine Sanders, Offset, and more A-list celebrities warranted for a successful NYFW debut from Saweetie and Pretty Little Thing.

ESSENCE got a chance to go behind the madness and speak with Saweetie about her first collection. Read below.

ESSENCE: What made you want to partner with Pretty Little Thing?

Saweetie: I started the fashion collection because I always saw myself designing clothes. I had my own online boutique in college called The Money Making Mommies that actually helped me fund my college tuition. I just think it’s dope that I’m able to bring my ICY taste to the fashion world. I think it was the right collaboration and they just see my vision and brought everything to life. I really appreciate PLT for believing in me and putting me as the face of one of their capsule collections, it was a dream come true. The fashion show was crazy. My items are selling out super-quick, so that is how you know it was the right fit. Shout out to them because I absolutely love the collection.

“In the campaign, you can see the woman really enjoying the fruits of her labor. That woman is me.” – Saweetie

ESSENCE: What was the creative direction?

Saweetie: The creative direction behind the collection was, “a bougie rich woman enjoying the fruits of her labor,” because I wanted to inspire my ICY boys and my ICY girls to get out there and grind. And when you do that you’re able to get money, your own house, your own car, your own dog, your own clothes, etc. In the campaign, you can see the woman really enjoying the fruits of her labor. That woman is me.

ESSENCE: How important to you is it to make affordable clothing?

Saweetie: The trendy yet affordable pieces that I am providing is very important because I was that kid in high school who didn’t have all the money to buy everything that I wanted to wear. I think it’s dope that we’re giving people the chance to ball out on a budget. Because sometimes we have important things to pay for like… bills. I wanted people to be happy with their purchase and get what they paid for, which is good quality material that they can wear anywhere.

ESSENCE: What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

Saweetie: My favorite item from the collection and it has already sold out is the diamond dress. It’s so cute and it complements your shape so well. I think that it’s cool that I was literally able to bring ICY to life.

“What’s important is giving everybody no matter what shape or size you are something cute and something fabulous to wear.” – Saweetie

ESSENCE: Why was it crucial for you to speak to all body-types in your collection?

Saweetie: PLT is very body-conscious, and they realize that all women need to be fly. I really like that during the show you could watch two different women who are different sizes wearing the same thing looking fabulous. I’m happy to be partnering with a brand who is so aware of what’s important. What’s important is giving everybody no matter what shape or size you are something cute and something fabulous to wear.

Shop the Pretty Little Thing x Saweetie Collection, here.