Aziza Handcrafted’s Custom Grillz Are Giving Us Another Reason To Smile
Courtesy of Aziza Handcrafted

Art is created to evoke emotions of all sorts. But what happens when art can travel with you and be a part of your wardrobe? Does the emotion intensify? Is it an instant portal to an ever-lasting fashion euphoria? Well in case you wanted to find out for sure, Aziza Handcrafted has you covered with their unisex collection of hand-sculpted jewlery inspired by ancient royalty. The latest addition to the collection gives us the opportunity to bling out our teeth with white silver, yellow silver, or rose gold – whichever you feel most drawn to.

Aziza Handcrafted is now offering personalized grillz designed with their own artistic, avant-garde-like flair beginning this month. One of the best parts is Aziza herself is coming to a city near you with a pop-up shop for customers to see a selection of jewelry in-person and to get their molds taken for their custom caps and grillz.

Aziza-Abdullah Nicole is a Brooklyn-based sculptor, painter, and builder who is originally from the DMV. The designer prides herself in creating with love and intention and once you see her jewelry, you can feel the emotion connected to it — it’s literally wearable art. She tends to draw inspiration from things she sees beauty in, history and her heritage. One of her intentions for creating caps and grillz was the freedom of creating wearable art on smiles of people who appreciate the artistic side of fashion. The campaign features model Symone Lu, who is known for embracing her unique smile and changing the standards in the fashion landscape. Aziza says creating grillz is just another art medium that allows her to further express herself, and in this case, it’s allowing her customers to express themselves, too.

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Each cap and grill is uniquely crafted for each customer — making every piece a one of one. Customers have the option to purchase single tooth caps or full grillz with Aziza’s doodles, along with the choice to add gems. Prices will range from $175 to $480, and additional gems will be available at $50 per tooth. The first pop-up shop was held on Saturday, August 7 at Rise Radio in Brooklyn, NY. Each pop-up is limited to ten appointments for the customers that are planning to get molds for their caps and grillz. Visit to reserve your spot and to see which city Aziza Handcrafted will be traveling to next.