Last year host, stylist, and television actor Marcellas Reynolds released his popular book, “Supreme Models.”

Named one of the best fashion books of 2019 by Vogue magazine, the coffee table–sized literary source compares to an encyclopedia of Black models. “So many things have happened within this year, I don’t think there has ever been a moment where Black art has ben accepted and Black excellence has been so exalted,” Reynolds tells ESSENCE.

Featuring some of the past and present’s most iconic faces—from Naomi Campbell to Joan Small— Reynolds catered to the perseverance of the Black model and assured that there will be no erasure of their monumental work. “For the last few years, we have been seeing this Black Renaissance and it has manifested itself in the most beautiful way in 2020. Although there is horror going on there is beauty in Black art,” the fashion enthusiast exclaimed.

For his next book, Reynolds exclusively tells ESSENCE that “Supreme Actresses” will be available in the Fall 2021. “We had no idea that every major magazine would love “Supreme Models” and I think actresses have a broader appeal than models. There is so much rich, beautiful history in the book starting in the 1900s”.

Reynolds new project will document the achievements of the most famous, influential and successful Black actresses of the past 120 years, celebrating the historical impact of Black women in film, on stage and on television. With interviews, essays and iconic photographs of actresses like Halle BerryDiahann CarrollDorothy DandridgeViola Davis, Regina King and more.

“It is necessary for us to document the triumphs while looking at what we went through to get to the beautiful place; we haven’t done that for actresses yet.” Reynolds concluded.

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