Air Jordans have been famous ever since Michael Jordan stepped foot as a rookie on the NBA court back in 1985, and the athletic shoe has revolutionized sneaker culture ever since becoming one of the most coveted and talked about sneakers ever.

On Thrusday the Jordan brand unveiled its highly anticipated Spring 2018 women’s collection. Needless to say, we’re dying to get our feet into any of these iconic creations!  

The spring collection features three different styles: the Air Jordan 1 SOH, The Air Jordan I Zip, and the Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan.

The Air Jordan 1 SOH, or Season of Her, collection is the most feminine one and features satin and suede detailing and comes in ten pretty colorways.

Resembling the Air Jordan iconic silhouette, the Air Jordan I Zip is a leather style with a zipper closure.

The most luxurious of the styles is the Air Jordan XII Vachetta Tan which is a supple suede style that’s accentuated with gold hardware.

While the Air Jordan 1 SOH releases on January 25, you’ll have to wait until March to get your hands on the other two pairs. Available in women’s sizes 5-12, they’ll all retail for between $150-$190. Visit for more info.