Adrienne Bailon and Keke Palmer Share Their Favorite Football Fashion Tips
(Photo by Carlos Delgado/AP Images for National Football League)

The season of point spread and pigskin has taken over Monday, Thursday and Sunday night television. (For those who don’t follow sports, that’s football talk for game on!)

It’s no secret that women make up 45% of the NFL’s active, viewing demographic; thus, need no motivation buckle down on the couch by their man and consume a libation or two while screaming at team of players that will never hear your game day woes. But for those of you who need a little inspiration, Keke Palmer and Adrienne Bailon (now Adrienne Houghton) have you covered.

Recently named the faces of the NFL Women’s Apparel Collection ], Palmer and Bailon are football’s official fashion experts – at least for the ladies. If you’re looking to keep it cute and impress your man or just looking a few new ways to show your team spirit, Keke wants every form of fashionista to know there’s a little something for everyone in the NFL’s latest women’s collection.

“Everybody can rock it differently,” says the staunch Chicago Bears fan. “Like, Adrienne wears it differently than I wear it, and I wear it differently than somebody else. I always keep my stuff street but sweet, so my [style] is always relaxed. It’s so funny ‘cause Adrienne’s is always luxury. So it’s fun – [with] different ways you can express yourself but always do it with your style and personalize it.”

Unlike Keke, Adrienne is a die hard New York Giants stan. But, like her NFL counterpart, she too knows how to personalize a football jersey and represent for her home team.

“I absolutely love love love the Giants! I love their colors because [they’re] blue and red – so I do like a red lip. And even now, I went to a Rams game since they’ve been back in L.A. and I actually bought one of the jerseys and wore it as a dress with some thigh high boots. It looked pretty awesome with a choker. I felt very Carrie Bradshaw – you know how she should would take personal items and just make them look very cool.”

While the two Hollywood starlets vary in style, they do agree “you can never be doing too much if you’re doing you,” Keke tells while Adrienne agrees there’s no wrong way to rock NFL gear as long as it fits your style. On game day, both Keke and Adrienne know just what they do to show off their fashion sense – and their style guide offers a few tips you might want to try.

“I love their beanie,” says Adrienne. For bad hair days in the fall, there’s nothing better than a great beanie. If you wear it with boyfriend jeans and heels, it looks amazing – effortlessly chic.”

Keke says she loves the oversized jerseys. “With one of my Bears’ T-shirts, I roll up the sleeves and I’ll either tie it off to the side, to the back or in the front, or maybe I’ll tuck it in a little bit in the front and roll the sleeves all the way up so it comes all the way up on my shoulders – [there’s] all different types of stuff like that that you can do. I got my Bears’ sweater oversized so I can wear it off the shoulder or wear the sleeves up.”

As a little something extra, watch Adrienne and Keke rock out to a little Selena while promoting their NFL collection.