20 Celebs Who Prove Summer and Boots Are the Perfect Pair

A killer pair of boots may not be your first footwear choice once the summer hits but these celebs are making a strong case for the trend. Here, we take a look at the many times summer and boots just made so much sense.

Dominique Hobdy Aug, 22, 2016

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Zoe delivers a tough and romantic look in these black booties and a flowing pink dress.

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Yes to this noir moment.

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Chanel channels the summer boots trend in these long velvet beauties.

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Jessica Williams keeps it cool in low ankle boots.

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EJ Johnson is working this white button down and pointed toe boots.

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Loving Naomi Campbell's shimmering dress and lace up booties. Cute!

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This sleek black skirt paired with black ankle booties is super chic.

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Yes to these taupe knee-high lace-up boots!

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You can't go wrong with black jeans and black boots.

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We love the idea of this daring black dress and combat boots. Great look.

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Karrueche and her flowing white dress paired with tan boots are super cute.

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Keri is working these blue boots!

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How perfect is this look for fall? These brown boots are gorgeous!

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Looks like we have a double dose of fierce! These ladies are working their black boots.

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Thigh highs and a sweatshirt dress are the definition of school for the season.

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Vetements sock boots are the staple cool-girl boots this season.

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How sophisticated are Andra Day's black boots and vintage frock?

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Loving these peep toe boots and flowing frock!

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Cool, calm, chic.

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The zipper detail on these cute shoes are perfect.