As you no doubt already know the strong shoulder resurgence is going strong. If, like us, you love the structured, sharp and modern look this detail lends to tops and dresses, you are going to love this new undergarment that makes nailing the look easy on your wallet.

As any style fanatic knows some trends are in, then they’re out and then they’re in again. This ingenious shoulder-pad bra concept is an effective way to extend the shelf life of your favorite go-to pieces. So instead of shelling out a month’s rent on a Balmain statement shoulder piece or overdosing on the look only to find yourself with a closet full of padded shoulder silhouettes you may not be too keen on the following season, the padded-shoulder bra allows trend commitment-phobes to flirt with the look with no strings attached. We’ve found two perfectly affordable takes on the idea for every shape:

The ShapeFX Shoulder Pad bra (shown above) sells for a mere $29.

And, for the larger cup gals, the Instant Shaping by Comfort Choice, which retails for $29.

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