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Aarmy Is Not Just Providing Enhanced Activewear

Fitness, movement and the body has always been something that came natural to me," says Aarmy Co-Founder Angela Davis

When stepping into the fitness apparel market, more often than not, we are met with selects that can be uncomfortable for working out. Some pieces allow for an easy flowing workout while others can make the workout even less enjoyable but stand as the ideal leisure module.

“Going back to the days of being on the track and having multiple workouts a day, you found yourself in your workout clothes all day, it was our lifestyle,” exclaimed Angela Davis, Co-Founder of the fitness and apparel brand Aarmy. “These clothes are designed by athletes for athletes. These are pieces that we would wear, that we do wear, and that can transition us throughout our full day,” she further exclaimed.

The fitness conglomerate Aarmy has found itself being a sought out digital experience, a one-stop shop for all seasonal athleisure apparel and an exercise source. Sourced through an app, Aarmy provides the insider experience to a healthy lifestyle. “Fitness, movement and the body has always been something that came natural to me. It’s something that feels like it is a completely purpose-driven mission,” Davis tells ESSENCE.

Aarmy Is Not Just Providing Enhanced Activewear

The fitness enthusiast has trained some of the worlds most notable stars like Oprah and David Beckham and also is a former member of the USA Track and Filed team. Now being a Nike Ambassador and motivational coach, she has dedicated her career path to helping others. “I feel honored to be a leader in this industry. I feel passionate about it. I feel like this is what I was created to do.” she concluded.

ESSENCE got a chance to chat with Davis about the fitness apparel market, her definition of wellness, and what’s next for Aarmy.

ESSENCE: What made you step into fitness apparel?

Davis: Well my partners and I, we always felt like there was this intersection between fitness, fashion, the arts. We are all creatives ourselves and athletes are huge creatives. We inspire and motivate some of the most creative people in the world. And if you’re inspiring someone, you have to be inspired yourself. Fitness has this reputation of being at times can be stale or corny. And we just knew that it could be different and it could look different because we were different.

ESSENCE: How has fitness been a vessel in your life ?

Davis: I did a talk for Oprah at the Vision 2020 Tour, and she asked me to speak about wellness. My definition of wellness is getting strong enough in your body to live the life that you were intended to live. That looks different for everybody based on what you were created and intended to do. And really bringing it back to that center and really bringing it back to purpose. Physicality for me has been such an important tool. I’ve used physicality to fight so many demons and I think it’s something so powerful that we should reclaim.

ESSENCE: How does it feel to help other with their fitness journey?

Davis: I mean I love it. It’s what I live for. I’m writing a book right now and it’s titled Take the Gift, and I really believe that one of the most beautiful cycles of life is to take what we’ve been given and give it back to the world. And really this app is an expression of that. It’s me taking anything that I’ve been given and just give it back.

ESSENCE: What’s next for Aarmy?

Davis: Well we are only in a handful of countries right now, so what’s next for us is really getting the app all around the world, really making a global push. We are coming out with our own bike next year, so that’s really exciting. Those two things are really major for us.