10 Black Designers Providing Effective Face Masks
Photo: Instagram/@lookslikeavido

No one would’ve guessed a month ago that the entire world would be dealing with a pandemic. Yet here we are quarantined and on a mandatory lockdown for at least another 30 days. At an alarming rate COVID-19 has hit at least 100,000 people in the United States, making medical supplies including mask and gowns hard to come by. Medical professionals and citizens have had a hard time finding protective material, and some online orders are backed up until May.

With the scarce number of supplies, a few Black designers have stepped up by providing masks to alleviate the shortage. Designers like Kerby Jean-Raymond used his Instagram platform to announce his contributions. The Brooklyn-based creator turned his New York studio into a donation center and granted small businesses with financial support, while independent brand Six20 curated a six-minute video detailing how to sew masks following the current CDC protocols.

Scroll below to see a few Black designers on the front lines helping with COVID-19.

For more information about effective face masks, visit www.who.int.