ABC hopes to create critical conversation with their new show The Mayor.

The show’s premise is about a young man who runs for mayor in an attempt to draw attention to his rap career. Instead when he unexpectedly wins the election, he’s forced to step into the role and better his community.

Brandon Micheal Hall plays the lead as Courtney Rose and Yvette Nicole Brown plays his mother, Dina Rose. In a discussion about the show’s focus on Saturday night, Brown got honest about how audiences should receive it. 

“You also can sense when something is fake, am I correct?,” Brown begins. 

“You can tell when something is really coming from someone’s heart or when it’s just some delicious words. We hope to be the kind of show that actually is what we say we are. If you check our Twitter feed, it ain’t just a bunch of pictures of us celebrating life, having fun. We are talking about social issues.”

Adding, “Because we are in the fight of our lives. Everybody in here. I don’t care if you’re White, Black, Asian— you are in the fight of your life right now. If we just start with climate change, we’re in the fight of our lives right now. So everybody figure out what you can do where you are and be genuine, stop playing patty cake with issues. Be genuine. Now is the time to be genuine in everything you do.”

The Mayor debuts on ABC on Oct 3 at 9:30/8:30c


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