‘Xscape: Still Kickin It’ Episode Four: Break Up To Make Up
Maury Phillips/2017 Getty Images

It took 20 years in the making but the four women of Xscape are back and have mended fences. In Sunday’s last episode of Xscape: Still Kickin It the ladies prepare for ESSENCE Festival and Detroit concerts. 

But before they can hit the stage, past conflicts need to be resolved —the first being between LaTocha Scott and Michael Mauldin. The record executive and father of Jermaine Dupri was also Xscape’s manager in the 1990s. 

After a solo deal gone sour, Scott was not too receptive of Mauldin coming back to offer his services as their tour manager. The two talk it out and she denies his offer, but she’s happy to finally been able to confront him for dropping the ball on her career years prior. 

Also confronting past issues was Tamika Scott and Kandi Burruss who realize, despite reuniting, old wounds aren’t healed. The ladies get a moment to talk before the Detroit show, where Burruss reveals she’s still hurt by the rumors made up by Scott, about her sleeping with Dupri to obtain success.

But the pair eventually hug it out when Scott invites Burruss onto the stage after a performance from Karen Clark Sheard. The spirit moves Scott to forgive Burruss and all is well.

The season closes with Burruss agreeing to tour with Xscape, but not make new music. But the most important lesson garnered from the short series is that friendship and forgiveness go hand in hand. The love these ladies have for each other is evident and fans are so happy to see them back together.


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