Mona Scott-Young is the lady behind one of our favorite guilty pleasure franchises, Love and Hip Hop, and in her latest visit to ESSENCE Live, she talked about the next city that could possibly play host to the show. 

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Creator Mona Scott-Young: We Don’t Make Up Anything on the Show

“I will say that I am looking at another city,” she divulged. “My partners and I and the network are looking at another city.” As for where, she said we’ll “have to tune in and wait like the rest of the world.” 

But Mona did reveal that she does have her sights set on the city that is home to ESSENCE Festival for an upcoming project. 

“Shoutout to New Orleans because I love New Orleans passionately and I have been looking at New Orleans for a show. It’s not Love and Hip Hop at least not at this stage, but I do want to do something there.”

Hmm, we wonder what the Big Easy could be bringing to our TV screens? It’s safe to say we will all be tuning in to see what’s next! 

Catch Mona Scott-Young on the premiere episode of Centric’s Being March 5 at 10pm.