What’s New And Black On Netflix In December

This month on Netflix, Black characters are heading ritzy ski chalets, enduring awkward family reunions, fighting to right accidental wrongs committed against loving siblings, being subjected to cringeworthy interrogation tactics, and perusing Texas sized closets. 

The streaming service is tapping major stars to bring big Blockbuster energy to your living room with classic makeover shows, intense thrillers, light comedies, fresh mysteries, slightly scary sci-fi flicks and more. They’re also reigniting the magic of reality television by giving us all the trashy hookups and classy clapbacks we crave. 

Channel the energy of the snarky co-worker who only has time to toss shade and snack on croissants. Figure out how a Southerner can update his wardrobe on a dime. Chuckle at a bank robber who completely misunderstood the assignment. 

Visit a group of young adults adjusting to temporary surroundings and sudden changes underneath the Texas sun. Watch an Academy award-winning performer help drive home an important message about what happens after one leaves the confines of incarceration or follow a group of desperate climate change experts as they try to convince Americans that science is a thing. See a loyal bestie get roped into a scheme to sideline family single shaming when their friend asks them to play house for the holidays or lose yourself in the bawdy jokes of a comedian unafraid to be vulnerable on stage about all the big, beautiful, and weird parts of their life above a size four. 

See what is new and Black on Netflix this December below!