Can’t Figure Out What To Wear To Watch ‘Black Panther’? Black Twitter Offers Options!
Lupita Nyongo/ Black Panther
The teaser trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther is hard to watch! Why? Because our eyes can’t figure out which of the amazing aspects of the trailer to focus on. From our first-glance awe at a fictional Wakanda to the surprise moments (Is that you Angela Bassett?!) that caught us offguard, the Ryan Coogler-directed action movie looks like it will be a buffet of black/African excellence.
The one thing we did not miss: the looks the teaser trailer was serving in that tight two-minute clip. Costume designer  Ruth E. Carter did not disappoint, pulling inspiration from multiple African countries. Black Twitter also noticed. And they quickly declared that they were ready to show up and show out for the film’s debut, posting hilarious memes of outfits and reactions to expect when they arrive.   Unfortunately, you have to wait until February 2018 to debut your new outfit. But it is definitely enough time to plan something spectacular!