We Followed Saweetie During Made In America Festival And It Was A Legit Turn Up

The "ICY GRL" showed us how it's done.
Joi-Marie McKenzie Sep, 04, 2018

Saweetie was one of dozens of performers who took the stage at Made in America Festival last weekend in Philadelphia.

The Bay Area rapper brought her energy all the way to the East Coast, taking over the Tidal Stage on Sunday.

But before the “ICY GRL” took the stage to perform in front of thousands of fans, ESSENCE met up with Saweetie as she prepared for her big show.

Take a look at what it’s like to be a performer at Made in America:

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After starting her hair and makeup on the festival grounds, Saweetie headed out to the Tidal stage a little before 2 p.m. to kick off her set.

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Within minutes, of course, she was stopped by some fans who wanted a quick picture.

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Alright, it's time to rock the Tidal stage.

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Backed by her dancers, Saweetie breaks it down onstage, performing her hits including "ICY GRL."

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Saweetie does her thing onstage. And the fans are pleased.

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Thousands of fans showed up to watch Saweetie's performance on the Tidal stage.

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After her performance, Saweetie still had energy to say hi to fans.

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Saweetie flashes a smile after she's stepped off the stage.

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But of course, when it's all said and done, Saweetie has to give love to the fans who support her.