It’s amazing how Underground builds you up only to knock you down again. 

Just when viewers thought slave master Tom Macon (Reed Diamond) had grown a conscience and was going to do the right thing, the thing Ernestine (the amazing Amirah Vann) taught and told him to do, he broke everyone’s heart and proved how racist and power hungry he really is. White supremacy persevered Wednesday night and Sam (Johnny Ray Gill) paid the ultimate price with his life when Tom’s gang of thugs lynched Sam and turned his dead body into an example of what happens when enslaved Blacks tried to run away. In turn, Twitter users mourned his death and the haunting symbolism.

‘Underground’ Recap: Let the Children Live

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Other noteworthy moments included Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) dressed to the nines pretending to be free – freedom looked good on her, right? – watching Cato (Alano Miller) fall for Rosalee when she charmed everyone with her piano playing skills, and Noah (Aldis Hodge) fighting back. The scene between Rosalee and the maid was perfectly heartwarming while the scene with the slave masters in Tom’s study was nothing short of infuriating. Seriously, Google the term “drapetomania.” It will make you want to grab Beyonce’s Hot Sauce bat and start breaking things. 

What did you think of the latest episode of Underground titled “Grave”? Weigh in below.  

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