UMC Is Bringing The Heat With Its Latest Drama ‘Craig Ross Jr.’s MONOGAMY’
Michael Letterlough Jr.

The Urban Movie Channel (UMC) is set to bring viewers another drama that will have them glued to their screens

Craig Ross Jr.’s MONOGAMY explores the meaning of monogamy by taking a look at four married couples. And, as this exclusive trailer proves, marriage isn’t always easy. The show sees the couples attempt to strengthen their marriages through swap therapy, trading spouses for two months.

The series stars Jill Marie Jones, Vanessa Simmons, Caryn Ward Ross, Chrystee Pharris, Blue Kimble, Brian White, Wesley Jonathan, and Darius McCrary. 

The original series is another engaging drama from the streaming service, which is home to 5th Ward, starring Mya, and Black Love.

Craig Ross Jr.’s MONOGAMY premieres May 4 on

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