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A ‘Training Day’ Prequel Is In The Works

Warner Bros. is working to bring back the 2001 hit, but it is not clear if Denzel Washington will be involved.

A prequel of the crime thriller movie Training Day in the works—but sadly, Denzel Washington does not appear to be attached to it.

Washington won his second Oscar in 2002 for his role as the slick-talking rogue cop, Alonzo Harris, in the crime thriller about two LAPD narcotics officers patrolling gang-ridden neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Now, Collider reports that Warner Bros. is planning to bring it back.

“Sources tell Collider that the prequel will be set nearly a decade earlier in late April of 1992—two days before the Rodney King verdict was delivered. Los Angeles was already a powder keg just waiting to explode that week, and the verdict led to the L.A. riots.”

The studio would likely be on the hunt for another actor to play a younger Alonzo Harris, though the project is still in its early stages.

A production team and director have yet to be announced.