Everyone, at some point, has encountered negativity. From online trolls to frenemies, there are always critics with no credentials. 

TLC’s new video for “Haters” is reminder that you should always brush off haters and remember the qualities that make you who you are. 

The bubbly anthem was released back in February and in the new video T-Boz and Chilli act as cheerleaders for a diverse group of friendly faces. 

The song is classic TLC, which is what the ladies were going for. The duo told Billboard earlier this year that the album was a return to the group’s roots with a modern twist. 

“When you hear it, it won’t feel like it’s old music,” Chilli said. 

“It’s TLC today because that’s the one thing that’s kind of hard —once you figure out what your niche is and people fall in love with you as an artist for certain things, moving forward, you want to be able to evolve. But you have to keep that key ingredient that makes you, you and that makes you the artist that people love and admire.”

So turn up your volume and tune out the haters! Check out the latest video from one of our favorite girl groups.

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