Tidal has removed a recent episode of “Drink Champs” podcast that featured Rusell Simmons. 

Simmons’ appearance drew backlash because of accusations of sexual assault levied against him by Drew Dixon, Jenny Lumet, Sil Lai Abrams and Keri Claussen Khalighi in the HBO Max documentary, On The Record. The podcast invited multiple guests to participate in a discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement including Talib Kweli, Bun B, Mysonne, and Marc Lamont Hill.

Lai Abrams called out the streaming service and network over giving him a platform. 

“What in the entire hell are JAY-Z and TIDAL doing by giving Russell Simmons a platform to discuss #BlackLivesMatter,” she tweeted. 

Lamont Hill tweeted that he was not aware that Simmons would appear on the program. 

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“A few weeks ago, I appeared on Drink Champs. I was asked to join a discussion with Bun B, Talib Kweli, and Mysonne. About 2.5 hours into the show, Russell Simmons appeared. I had NO IDEA he was scheduled. I would NEVER have appeared if I had known,” he wrote. 

“During Russell’s 20ish minutes on the show, I was texting the producers telling them that I was not comfortable with his press and asking to wrap. After the show, I expressed my frustration with what happened. I also asked them not to air Russell’s portions,” he continued. 

“When the show was aired, Russell was not on it. I assumed that my request was honored. Today, I see a Part 2 was posted with his commentary included. I am beyond disappointed that this is the case,” he added. 

Lamont Hill expressed support for the women featured in the documentary. 

“I stand with, and fully believe, the women who have come forward about Russell’s sexual violence. I am sorry that I shared space with someone who has caused such harm without accountability. Although I had NO IDEA he’d be on, I am nonetheless deeply sorry that I was a part of it,” he wrote. 

N.O.R.E responded to Lamont Hill’s tweets with an apology. “I apologize for me not being fully aware of what was going on!!! I just wanted to put Black men together who are powerful for a powerful convo !!! Moving forward I will be more aware of guests and who and how they are presented,” he wrote.