Tyler The Creator’s Take On ‘You’re A Mean One’ Gives ‘The Grinch’ A Fun Update
FilmMagic/FilmMagic for Life Is Beautiful
Tyler the Creator has been tapped for an upcoming animated feature, The Grinch, just in time for the holidays. In the recently released trailer, fans of the rapper can hear his updated take on “You’re A Mean One,” which breathes new life into the beloved song. The rapper is mentioned at the end of the trailer, which touts his contribution to the soundtrack. Deadline reports that the rapper collaborated with the film’s composer Danny Elfman.
A rep for the film told ESSENCE that Tyler has also written an original song for the animated film, “I Am The Grinch,” where he’s the sole writer, performer and producer. Mega-producer Pharrell is also attached to the film as its narrator with his hit single “Happy” appearing in an alternate trailer. The film also features Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones and Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan Thompson. The Grinch hits theaters November 9.


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