Tamron Hall Responds To Claims She’s Angry About Her Show’s Pending Renewal
Photo by Jenny Anderson/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Tamron Hall is pushing back after claiming an article in the Daily Mail falsely reported that she was angry at her staff over her talk show not yet getting renewed.

The Tamron Hall Show host has yet to see her show renewed for its second season. And in an article published on Friday, the Daily Mail claimed that Hall “blew a gasket” after hearing that Kelly Clarkson’s new hit talk show had already been picked up for its second season by NBC.

Hall took to Instagram on Friday to comment on the article, pointing out that it wasn’t a coincidence that it was published after an episode on her show in which she had defended Gabrielle Union.

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It was announced last month that Union would be leaving America’s Got Talent after her first and only season amid complaints of a “toxic culture” on the set. Many speculate that it was because she was too vocal for producers tastes.

“It’s ironic that a few days after I said on my show that I’ve seen ‘men storm out of rooms, puffing and huffing, and no one says anything’ while ‘women [who] speak up [are viewed] as difficult’ that someone would leak a false story about me being difficult,” Hall wrote. “As I said live on my show while defending Gabrielle Union, women are perceived as ‘difficult’ when they speak up. “

In the Daily Mail article, a source told the publication that Hall was heard screaming at her staff about not getting renewed yet.

“We would have gotten an early renewal too if you were all doing a better job,” Hall allegedly yelled at her staff. “She’s been on edge since the show launched, but each week she’s become more and more difficult to work with,” the source continued.

Hall also pointed out in her post that the angry Black woman stereotype was an old tactic to use against her: “Welp it was bound to happen… the ole difficult and angry is lame.”

She also said she only celebrated Clarkson’s show’s renewal: “I have never once complained about Kelly’s renewal – I am so happy for my fellow Texan. I’m excited about my show and I can’t wait for season 2!!”


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