Tami Roman Recounts Frightening Sexual Assault On Upcoming ‘Uncensored’
Tami Roman / TV One
Tami Roman isn’t one to hold her tongue. The TV personality has been known to let her friends and foes know exactly what she’s thinking, and fans love her for it. But on an upcoming episode of TV One’s hit series, Uncensored, the Basketball Wives star will take viewers behind the witty one-liners to give them an unfiltered look at her life. During the episode, Roman opens up about everything from her marriage to former NBA star Kenny Anderson, to how she became a cast member on MTV’s The Real World. But one of the most harrowing moments of the episode comes when Roman reflects on being kidnapped and raped by a man for four days. “I didn’t think that I would live through that,” Roman admitted. “But in actuality, I had already lived through it,” she said, alluding to the sexual abuse she experienced when she was younger.
The abusive incidents didn’t stop there. Roman also recounted another episode with her ex-husband that turned violent. Roman and Anderson were married from 1994 until 2001, when their union reportedly dissolved due to infidelity. “He was sleeping around with other women…and I didn’t want him touching me,” Roman claimed. “There was an incident that occurred in front of my daughters…where he put his hands on me.”
Roman said she didn’t want it to happen again because daughters were watching and she “didn’t want them being in a household where they see this, witness this, and think this is okay.” The reality star said she sought out a divorce lawyer, but the prenuptial agreement she signed was “ironclad.” Roman said she left Anderson “with what she came with,” but she was fine with that. Uncensored airs Sundays at 10/9c on TV One.

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