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Swizz Beatz Apologizes For Drake Comments Over Leaked Busta Rhymes Track

Swizz said he was in “the wrong space” when he commented on the song leak.

Drake and Busta Rhymes’ J Dilla-produced track, “Stay Down,” hit the internet last week to the surprise of fans and even its collaborators. The song, which was recorded in 2013 when they were both signed to Cash Money Records, never saw the light of day — until last week, of course, when it leaked online.

When Busta and Swizz linked up on Instagram Live last weekend for Zone Radio with Busta Rhymes, Busta explained why the track never came out.

“Drake wanted to get some production from Dilla and he knew that I had it,” Busta began. “We was talking about him working with Dilla with some of the stuff I had in the stash.”

Noting that he was a fan of the Canadian rapper, Busta added that the song “was something that he did and it didn’t happen where it was supposed to happen. And, when I saw that it was laying dormant, I thought that it was only right to try to complete the record.”

Busta also revealed that the two never worked things out for the song to actually be released to which Swizz became upset, saying that his “filter [was] burnt” when it came to the situation.

“Because at the end of the day, n-ggas is pussy for real. What’s up? Pop off. Let’s go.” Swizz said. “My whole energy was based on something that got leaked that you couldn’t put out no matter what the circumstances is.”

“But it’s cool. That’s a little kid. That’s a guy. That’s a little guy,” Swizz said, referring to Drake. “It’s no personal things…If it was personal we’d shoot your plane out the sky.”

Busta added that he didn’t want the situation of the leaked song to be “misconstrued” because Drake never came to him to actually collaborate, but only to use beats.

“He didn’t come to me to make a record with me,” the rapper explained. “He wanted to do [J Dilla’s] beat, Dilla beats. That’s what it was about. That’s all I’m saying.”

Swizz has since apologized to Drake, explaining that he was in “the wrong space” when he commented on the leak over the weekend. 

OVO’s Chubbs wasn’t feeling Swizz’s explanation, however.

“We don’t need no apology,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s clear you don’t like us so act that same way when you see us. P*ssy.”