Summer Walker Asks Fans To Respect Her Space
Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for ABA

Singer Summer Walker has been quite open about her struggles with social anxiety but it seems fans still expect more from the singer.

Following a recent meet-and-greet, one of the singer’s fans took to social media to call the experience of meeting Walker “anticlimactic and disappointing.”

“Not only did she move the meet and greet last minute to after the show, the meet and greet itself was literally 5 seconds,” the fan wrote. “We were informed to have our phones out, ready with flash, and not to sit too close or touch her. She barely spoke to anyone, every couple of people she’d say ‘Hi.’ It was a big hurt piece for me because I really idolised [sic] her and her work. I knew she was an introvert and kind of closed off but there was no effort in this at all, whatsoever.”

Now, the singer has responded to the situation, explaining she won’t hug fans during meet-and-greets because “I’m an empath, and that transference of energy from that many people each day would literally KILL me.”

“I just want to say to all the fans who purchase meet & greets I really APPRECIATE y’all taking the extra time to meet me and share your stories,” Walker shared on Instagram. “I tell everyone individually ‘thank you,’ I spread love, we laugh & I give genuine compliments.”

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“Now for those who’re upset b/c I don’t give hugs idk what to tell you…I’m an empath, and that transference of energy from that many people each day would literally KILL me.. y’all may not understand what I’m talking about but for example… there’s a lot of people out here faking the funk with a smile on their face like they got it together but inside your actually suffering from some sort of traumatic experience, a loss, depressed, fearful, envious or whatever the case may be BUT I CAN FEEL IT. So I ask you please respect my space in those moments.”

The singer later shared a list of traits associated with empaths.

Just last month, Walker told Billboard that performing “gives me so much anxiety,” adding, “I would be more at peace if I could just record music and slide it under the door.”

Walker has said that her current tour will be her last, writing on Instagram, “I’m just a regular person, nothing more. “


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