This Sunday, Drake will be deemed Artist of the Decade at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Are we surprised? The short answer is no.

Drake is one of those artists that just can’t miss, and over the past 10 years, he’s proven that time and time again. Since his Thank Me Later album in 2010, which gave us his chart-topping debut single “Over,” the Degrassi alumna has made us forever grateful he made the switch from acting to rapping.

We’re sure you don’t need a reminder as to why Drake is receiving this honor, but you may have forgotten a few songs that surely desereve a spot on your feel-good playlist. Here are 15 tracks every woman needs to lift her spirits, feel herself or just have a great day or night out.


“I know way too many people here right now that I didn’t know last year/Who the f**k are y’all?” This song is the ultimate #mood and gave Drake one of the strongest introductions to the rap game that made him the artist he is today. Chock full of Instagram captions, this song is perfect to add to your playlist for a good throwback vibe and making some boss moves.

Find Your Love

This sultry sweet 2010 hit from his Thank Me Later album will be sure to give you all the feels. The double drum beats and Caribbean-R&B fusion gave this song the perfect ammo to be a playlist must-have to catch a vibe.

Girls Love Beyoncé

If you’re a Destiny’s Child fan, then you’re sure to love this one. If you’re a true Drake fan, then you know this Care Package smash. Originally released in 2013 and then re-released in 2019, “Girls Love Beyoncé” was an ode to the girl group’s hit single, “Say My Name.” Even R&B newcomer Summer Walker made a remix to Drake’s remix featuring Drake titled “Girls Need Love.”

The Motto

The start of Drizzy’s notorious #YOLO era began in 2012 when he and fellow YMCMB member Lil’ Wayne dropped what would be a hitter for years to come. As the great Champagne Papi once said, “You only live once – that’s the motto, n***a. YOLO.”

Best I Ever Had

While he never names any names, Drake knew what he was doing when he made that ambiguous reference in the song so that we could easily insert ourselves in it when he said, “You the best.” This song is also notable for the everlasting, “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on/That’s when you’re the prettiest. I hope that you don’t take it wrong.”

One Dance

“One Dance” is one of those summer songs that everyone needs on their playlist because it makes you want to just get up and dance one good time. When you hear that “Babyyy, I like your style…” at the beginning, you already know what time it is. Got a Hennessey in your hand yet?

In My Feelings

We couldn’t have a playlist without this internet-breaking hit. The New Orleans-bounced fused hit had everyone singing “Kiki, do you love me?” at some point and had everyone hopping out of their cars to join in on the challenge.

I Get Lonely Too

While this Care Package song is guaranteed to get you in your feels, who better to get into your feelings with than with Drake? “I Get Lonely Too” shows off Drake’s lover boy side that makes ladies swoon for him in the first place. If you’re looking for a soft R&B vibe, this is it.

Take Care (feat. Rihanna)

“You won’t ever have to worry” as long as this song is on your playlist. As it shares the same title as the album from which it’s from, Drake and Rihanna collaborate on this song that assures you that there’s always someone for somebody – no matter your past or your mistakes.


Hair done, nails done, everything did – oh, you fancy, huh? According to Drake, you are and we’ll take it! Put this song on your playlist for those days that you’re absolutely feeling yourself.

Controlla (feat. Popcaan)

This song is always guaranteed to be a summer must-have. Drake sings about how he would “Jodeci cry” for a woman – and that’s some serious type of crying. Add this song to your playlist to surpass the heat with a feel-good song about the love of your life that’ll make you want to bussawhine.

Moment 4 Life (Nicki Minaj feat. Drake)

Arguably, this verse goes down in Drake’s discography as one of his best. “I’m really tryna make it more than what it is/’cause everybody dies but not everybody lives,” is the perfect reminder to take advantage of every moment to bask in your victories – big or small.

Nice For What?

Why are you really pipin’ up on these men? Because you’ve gotta be…”Nice For What?” by Drake hit the airwaves as one of the hottest anthems for women. With the video featuring heavy hitters from Yara Shahidi to Tracee Ellis Ross, there’s no argument that this video is the perfect reminder that you’re that chick today!

Make Me Proud

If you need some positive affirmations from the self-proclaimed lover boy himself, this is the song for you. He’s so, he’s so, he’s so proud of you. He’s letting you know that you’re “bad AF” after a long day of running on the treadmill, eating salad, studying hard like you went to Harvard, but you probably went to an HBCU knowing you. Fit the description?

God’s Plan

A lot of times, we have zero direction as to where we’re going, but sometimes we just need a reminder that we’re where supposed to be. Drake’s “God’s Plan” video, which demonstrates his philanthropic efforts by giving scholarships to students, buying groceries, and more, is the song that you need to bop to.


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