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Dammit. Charlie what the hell are you wearing? What are you doing? Stepping my game up thanks to you. A sharkskin suit, chinchilla coat, alligator shoes, and feel the lining. Really baby sale. And you can still the Knicks from the club. This is not what I meant, Charlie. The pitch is for PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Oh. I thought you was talking about pita the flatbread. Why would we pull From a movie about a dolphin murder cult for a flat bread presentation! And why would I order this humus platter? Now look everybody just relax. Seems like I made a perfectly understandable homonym error. Now excuse me while I go handle something unrelated in my office. Excuse me your highnesstry Let me guess. Peter, Peter confusion? In all fairness, maybe the animal people should produce it PET-UH. Your boy Charlie's got to go. Please. Just give me a week to prove Charlie's worth. You got a French week, that's two days. [MUSIC]
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