From Mariah Carey To Jamila Woods, Here’s 7 New Singles We Love This Week
Baksiabat/Getty Images
The elusive chanteuse has returned. Mariah Carey shared new music Thursday from her upcoming album, Caution, set to arrive November 16. The single, “The Distance,” features Ty Dolla $ign and Skrillex, and is a blend of synths with smooth R&B notes. Carey’s single is one of many new tracks that dropped this week. We’ve put together a list of seven singles we love, including songs from Jamila Woods, Tamia, and Curtis Harding. 1. Nardeydey’s “Speedial”
London-based musician Nardeydey blends a number of sounds and synths for new single “Speedial,” which sees the singer wishing for a more convenient love. 2. Jamila Woods’s “Giovanni”
The Chicago singer turns to those close to her for inspiration and strength in her new song “Giovanni.” Inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Trippin,” the singer said the song is about “owning and celebrating all the parts of myself. It’s about legacy and lineage, and how the love and strength of the people who made me makes me feel invincible.” 3. Saint Jhn’s “McDonald’s Rich”

Feel a little richer with this new single from rapper Saint Jhn, whose Collection One is an album you should check out if you missed it. The rapper’s song explores how money can skew your perspective. “Growing up in Brooklyn I thought 100 [thousand] meant you were rich,” he toldOnes To Watch. “A few pairs of Saint Laurent boots later I found out exactly how false that is. But I still feel the same energy, so I made a song about it.” 4. Tamia’s “It’s Yours”

Tamia’s latest single from her new project, Passion Like Fire, is just as sexy as the rest of the album. The bedroom tune is just as spicy as you’d imagine. 5. Mariah Carey’s “The Distance”

Mariah Carey can really do no wrong and “The Distance” proves that. We’re ready for you, queen. 6. Kadhja Bonet’s “Imposter”

“Imposter” is one of three songs released as part of Bonet’s Childqueen Outtakes, which features outtakes from her recent album Childqueen. It’s a beautiful, atmospheric single that didn’t quite fit the album. However, the singer felt that the singles “deserved to have a life of their own.” 7. Curtis Harding’s “Where We Are”

“Where We Are” is a single that nods to a more soulful period in American music, but still blends current funk vibes. It’s a fresh sound from Harding.


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