Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. And in her new song, “One Missed Call,” that’s exactly what singer PJ does.

PJ, also known as Paris Jones, gives a nod to Stevie Wonder, whose song she sampled, on the track, which she wrote about her cheating ex. In her brand new video for the song, PJ reflects on the relationship gone wrong juxtaposed against a vibrant, colorful setting.

“‘One Missed Call’ is about a woman’s intuition. You know, that feeling you have…[when] someone’s up to no good,” PJ told ESSENCE. “It’s based on a true story and  I wrote it about my ex. Basically, I thought he was cheating…and turns out he was.”

“Hopefully, you’ve been fortunate enough to not know what that feels like, but I know everybody can relate to having one missed call,” she continued. “And since the song samples Stevie Wonder, I had to do a tribute to his Hotter Than July cover.”

PJ said she loves “how everything came together” and is “excited to be dancing in it with lots of Black girl magic.”

Check out the video for PJ’s “One Missed Call” above.


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