12 Shocking TV Deaths We Still Can't Get Over

Twists and turns are often what make a TV show worth watching, but sometimes even viewers are left floored by unexpected scenes. For instance, the loss of a major character. In light of recent events - How To Get Away With Murder we're looking at you -- we've put together a list of some of TV's most shocking deaths. Be warned, there are major spoilers ahead.

Sydney Scott Nov, 21, 2016

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The wound is still fresh from this one, Shonda and co. will never be forgiven for this and we’re hoping that once the show returns we get answers to what really happened to Wes. 

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Cottonmouth’s death at the hands of his cousin was truly a shock and shifted the balance of power in the series, setting up Cottonmouth’s cousin Mariah as the queen of the underworld. 

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Everyone was left speechless when fan favorite Poussey was killed in the fourth season of Orange Is The New Black. In a death that mirrored the real life murder of Eric Garner, Poussey struggles to breath as an officer pins her to the ground after a demonstration goes wrong. Poussey’s death may go down as one of the most shocking in TV history.

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Lisa had a lot going on and while we all thought that she and Mary Jane would eventually patch things up, it was shocking to find that that wasn’t the case. Lisa’s suicide left viewers stunned, but started a dialogue about mental illness and suicide that was much needed. 

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Before Empire, Taraji P. Henson played Detective Joss Carter a good guy cop who discovered that there were shady things afoot in her precinct. But, sometimes good guys don’t make it, especially in police drama, and Carter was killed in the line of duty by corrupt cop Patrick Simmons.

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Fans of Battlestar Galactica were shocked when Anastasia committed suicide after finding out Earth had been turned into a nuclear wasteland. The longtime character’s death was a abrupt and absolutely heartbreaking.  

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Mayfair may have gotten up to some shady things — like landing convictions with fake informants and illegal intel — but her death was still quite shocking especially when it’s revealed that it was all a part of Jane Doe's plan! Well, getting Mayfair arrested was part of the plan, her death was not.

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Fans were ready to boycott following the death of Abbie Mills, who many believed and hoped would one day steal Ichabod’s heart. Abbie’s death sparked controversy and conversation about how POC and female character’s are often treated on TV.

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Harrison knew too much – that Papa Pope had his love interest, Adnan killed, and that he was plotting to kill Jerry Grant -- once Papa Pope realized Harrison was on to him, he sent Tom to kill him.

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Shawn’s death was truly cold-blooded. When Shawn’s father Kanan tells him to kill Ghost, he can’t go through with it and plans to flee with Tasha. But, when Shawn explains all this to his dad, Kanan shoots him. KANAN KILLS HIS OWN SON! Well, actually, Kanan takes it one step further. As his son is dying he leans in and tells Shawn, “I’m not your daddy."

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Gus Fring was arguably Walter White’s biggest foe, but his weakness was eventually his downfall. Viewers were shocked when Walter convinced Fring’s archenemy Hector Salamanca to kill himself and Gus in an explosion. 

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Montgomery found himself in a shady web of lies that eventually led to his death at the hands of Hal Lockwood. While his death was a shock, the biggest surprise was that everyone’s favorite captain wasn’t so squeaky clean after all.