Date Night Causes Tension Between ‘Seeking Sister Wife’s’ Dimitri And Ashley Snowden 

Black couple Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have decided to give polygamy a shot, but things get off to a tense start in this new Seeking Sister Wife clip. 

The Snowden’s, a couple living in Atlanta, have two children and another on the way with plans to continue expanding their family. Both Ashley and Dimitri have agreed to find another person to help as their family grows, but their last plural relationship went south. Now, they’re once again looking for potential sister wives and things could get tense. 

In the latest clip from the show, Dimitri opens up about a date with a potential sister wife, Joselyn, and is hesitant to tell Ashley how things went.

Will Joselyn stay in the picture or is sister wifehood going to cause problems for the Snowden’s?

Seeking Sister Wife airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.