Back for its fourth season, Survivor’s Remorse continues Cam Calloway’s (Jessie T. Usher) journey as a pro-basketball player in Atlanta. In addition to hilarious storylines, Isaiah Washington, Vanessa Bell Calloway and DJ Khaled will make appearances on the show this season.

“The show is about the lifestyle of being a professional athlete,” Usher told ESSENCE about the series. “What you see is how being the No.1 star in whatever sport that you’re in —in this case it’s basketball— what that means to you as a person and your family.”

Known for tackling serious issues, Survivor’s Remorse will have ten half-hour episodes this season on Starz and continue to focus on Cam’s past that he’s been desperately trying to avoid— all in a humorous light. 

Executive produced by LeBron James, the resounding theme of the show is the struggle to find peace as a wealthy African American, in a country that has historically opressed the same people.

“They’re all strong in their own way,” Usher said about the dynamic cast of Black women on the show. “Tichina (Arnold) has a strong comedic presence. But so does Erica Ash, but it’s a different type of comedy. And then Teyonah (Parris) comes in and she brings what you would expect from a strong woman, to her character. They’re all strong in their own way.”

“Survivor’s Remorse” returns on Sunday, August 20th at 10PM ET on STARZ and the STARZ app.

The cast of Survivor’s Remorse will also be at the Essence Festival 2017— go here for more information


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