‘Scandal’ Recap: The Testimony of Diego Munoz
Sometimes fear keeps us safe. Sometimes it holds us back. These are the words of wisdom Olivia told Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Susan Ross on Thursday night’s Scandal but in many ways, that was the theme of the night on the episode titled “The Testimony of Diego Munoz.” Susan, for instance, was afraid to fail. That’s why she snorted during her first press conference and that’s why she wanted to quit when Leo was being too hard on her. But Leo is no Liv and thankfully, with some rousing words of inspiration from Olivia, Susan was back on track and ready to be vice president again.     Of course, nothing could happen until Fitz begged the Democrats for forgiveness for going to war. Sadly, when it came to the mea culpa between Fitz and Olivia, the tension was still too palpable and even though she convinced him to apologize to get Susan the VP job, nothing he said to Olivia made a difference. Sigh. Also, why did it look like he was going to kiss her in front of Abby and Cyrus? More awkward than hot, right?     But back to the fear. Rose aka Marla Gibbs came back and this time, she was looking for her good friend Lois so she turned to Olivia the Black Lady for help. Come to find out, these two golden girls were more than friends – they were lovers and soul mates that had waited to be together for 40 years. In a perfect world, Olivia could’ve told Rose that Lois was shot and killed by diabolically ambitious kidnappers. But this is Scandal so Olivia had to lie to Mary or Florence or whatever Gibbs character you are most familiar with from her illustrious list of TV credits.       All jokes aside, Gibbs killed it and when she cried on Lois’ coffin and said “things are never gonna be the same,” every viewer’s heart broke just a little. Like she said, now she’s going to be all alone. Cue “Ooh Child.”     Here’s the rub – things probably aren’t going to get easier and brighter. While it was great seeing Olivia throw out her stained couch cushion and embrace her old friends Mr. Popcorn and Mrs. Red Wine especially after walking around with a gun all episode, this is the calm before the storm. Huck, aka Diego Munoz, and his wife are going to try and take down B613 and they might make a difference if they don’t get killed first. Man, we hope they don’t get killed. Huck as a family man is heartwarming and his son is too cute for words.     But has anyone ever tried to take down B613 and lived to tell the tale? David sure thinks there is a way and he’s trying to convince Jake of the same. Here’s hoping he’s right.     What did you think of the latest installment of Scandal and are you looking forward to seeing Lena Dunham next week? Feel free to weigh in below.


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