‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘No More Blood’
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There’s an old adage about bridges burning and friendship or something like that. Anyway, that’s what the latest Scandal showed us. It taught us that just when you think all hope is lost, just when your friends’ “Marie Wallace” ruse has failed, your father forsakes you, and the CIA is trying to kill you, you must never give up because there’s always a dude who owes you a favor. And that dude, ladies and gentleman, was none other than Stephen Finch (the awesome Henry Ian Cusick, Lost) Olivia’s old right-hand man from season one. Somehow Stephen and his insanely wealthy Russian friends came through and paid $2 billion – that’s billion with a “b” – for Olivia’s freedom. Wow. Olivia is like the best boss in the world. It should also be noted that before Stephen came in with his fat checkbook, Olivia saved herself. Thanks to those Farci classes Olivia took (Rosetta Stone?), she was able to outfox her kidnappers and live another day so that Stephen or someone awesome could come to the rescue. Of course, Abby also played a part in saving Olivia. Just when Cyrus was ready to have Olivia killed for being the liability he and the CIA believed she was, Abby calmly reached out to Interpol and got in touch with Stephen. Olivia was eternally grateful to Stephen. She was also happy to see Huck who blurted out something that only Huck could all while hugging her. But you know who Olivia didn’t hug? Fitz. The man went to war for her and she was angry with him for risking lives to save hers. Hmm. Some women would call that romantic. But not our lady in the white hat. She wanted Fitz to be the best POTUS he could be and because he went to war, his record is tarnished. And she sacrificed so much – along with Cyrus and Mellie – to get him to the Oval office. The funny thing was that same reaction played out in Cyrus’ head. He just didn’t have the testicular fortitude to carry it out. But Olivia did, which caused a range of reactions on Twitter. There are those who sympathized with Fitz: And there were those who wondered why he was concerned with Olivia possibly being raped above all else: But others want Olitz to call it quits for good this time: In other Scandal news, Huck gave Vice President Nichols some kind of toxic chemical that made him have a stroke and Mellie came to rub it in his paralyzed face But Huck didn’t kill the dude. He promised Quinn that there would be no more blood – that was the name of the episode, “No More Blood” – and he kept his promise. Interestingly enough, the no more blood theme also applied to Olivia because she didn’t want thousands of lives to be on her hands or Fitz’s. We get that. But couldn’t they have kissed a little bit? How about a kiss and a slap for the price of war? Dang. What did you think of the latest Scandal and are you tired of Olitz drama? Weigh in below: