‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘I’m Just a Bill’
The Devil doesn’t wear Prada. He wears ski masks. How else can you explain all the devilish acts men wearing ski masks committed on Scandal Thursday night? First, the dudes who killed the mayor’s wife had on ski masks and then – brace yourself – Papa Pope’s boy Russell had on a ski mask when he stabbed the mess out of Jake. What’s more upsetting than a ski mask on Russell’s pretty-but-devious face is the fact that he stabbed the mess out of Jake. So, does this mean Jake is dead? Please, say it isn’t so. Sigh. Fans on Twitter sure think so and Scott Foley, who plays Jake, only added fuel to our fiery fears.     AND:     AND:     Seriously. We know that the finale is fast approaching (only three episodes left!) but killing Jake would be cruel and unusual not just for fans but for the cast and America. Grief manifests in different ways. Some fans have already started planning the man’s funeral and others dedicated ‘90s ballads to Jake and told him to rest in peace.       Meanwhile, others are refusing to believe that Jake is really gone. Some fans and haters even posted photos on Twitter. Hopefully for those on #TeamJake, the photos are the real deal. You decide:     Jake’s stabbing and possible death aside, there were other exciting things that took place on the latest installment of Scandal. For starters, Papa Pope came back with a meaty soliloquy for everyone to enjoy. When he told Olivia to, “Dig into some Freud, baby. All men are just like your father.” it was nothing short of brilliant. Oh how we missed you and your sermons, Papa Pope. Preach on!       Other highlights included Russell and Olivia’s – or should we say Alex – steamy love scene, Marcus choosing justice over his career, Olivia fighting for Marcus at the police station and Vice President Susan Ross challenging Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus and David. Bravo to Olivia’s professional triumph and bravo to Susan for refusing to be anyone’s lapdog or pigeon.       What was your favorite scene, and do you think Jake is really dead? Weigh in below.


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