‘Scandal’ Poll: Would You Ever Choose Money Over Family?
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It’s the only way to sum up Shonda Rhimes’ latest episode of ABC’s hit drama, Scandal. [Spoiler alert. Click on to the next article if you missed last night’s episode.]

Last season’s villain, Hollis Doyle, was last night’s victim as he and his ex-wife turned to professional fixer Olivia Pope when the unimaginable happened: The Texas couple thought their estranged daughter, Maebelle, was kidnapped and held captive for $20 million. Initially, Doyle doesn’t believe the ransom video and suspects his daughter is up to no good. To him, it was the fine work of an actress. Doyle’s relationship with his daughter hasn’t been the best, and he admits it. After all, she’s been in and out of rehab and is constantly asking for money. After several twists and turns, including a severed ear mailed to Pope and team, it was revealed that the entire kidnapping was an elaborate scheme put on by Maebelle to steal cash from her folks.
Maebelle thought she got away with the perfect crime (and the money!) when she was apprehended by Huck on her way to the airport. When her father confronted her, he asked if she valued money over family—giving his daughter one last chance to do the right thing. If she took the $20 million, she was to never return to her family again. In the end, she chose the cash.

Would you ever choose money over family? What if you were estranged?

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