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'Scandal' Poll: Who Should Play Olivia Pope's Mom?

Now that the second season is complete, we're turning our sights on season three!
‘Scandal’ Poll: Who Should Play Olivia Pope’s Mom?
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Last night’s season finale of Scandal kept much of America on the edge of its seat for one powerful hour of drama. From the twists, turns and loops that left people speechless to the big reveal that Olivia Pope’s father, played by Joe Morton, was behind much of the chaos—including possible efforts to kill Olivia. This morning, as the Scandal withdrawal sets in, fans are asking, “Where do we go from here?”

Gladiators will have to wait until season three to find out why Olivia’s father has been so involved and even secretly working with Cyrus Beene. Shonda Rhimes has a lot to explain in the upcoming season!

Now that it appears Olivia’s background will be coming to the forefront of things, we have to ask, which actress has the grace, beauty and depth to play Olivia’s mom opposite Morton?

Take our poll below and voice your opinions in the comments!

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