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Say 'Yes' to Shonda Rhimes's TED Talk

Get ready to be inspired.
Say ‘Yes’ to Shonda Rhimes’s TED Talk

The power of Shonda Rhimes is undeniable. She pretty much owns ABC, is one of the most successful Black women in media and has New York Times bestseller under her belt. Who better to give a TED talk and inspire the masses?

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The Scandal creator talks about her year of saying “yes” to everything, which inspired her book, Year of Yes, and lead to some eye-opening lessons. She even talks about one moment in particular when saying “yes” to playing with her children saved her career.

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She’s since made a habit of saying “yes” to things that take her out of her comfort zone, frighten her and make her nervous. She also focuses on important things that she simply has to make time for, like playing with her children. 

Her speech will inspire you to say “yes” too. Take a look here!