New ‘Salt-N-Pepa’ Trailer Is Getting Us Excited

Salt-N-Pepa’s here and they’re in effect!

After delivering The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of GospelLifetime’s highest-rated movie in four years with 2.7 million viewers—the network is preparing to give a treat to hip-hop fans: the Salt-N-Pepa biopic. And a brand new trailer is out giving us everything we need to whet our 90s’ appetites.

Old school heads who grew up chanting “push it real good”—to their mother’s loud objections and finger wagging—are already here for this throwback goodness. 

The three-hour movie follows Salt (played by G.G. Townson) and Pepa (played by Laila Odom) back when they were nursing students, who accidentally became rap super stars after recording a school project for friend and Sears co-worker Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor (Cleveland Berto). 

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And although Salt and Pepa are currently estranged from Deidra Roper, their long-time DJ, Spinderella, she’ll still be in the biopic, played by Monique Paul. Jermel Howard rounds out the cast as Naughty By Nature’s Treach, Pepa’s ex-husband and father of their daughter, Egypt Criss. 

The biopic features the history-making female rap act’s biggest hits, including “Push It,” “What a Man,” Shoop” and “Let’s Talk About Sex.” It’s the perfect soundtrack to detail how the group handled stardom, sexism, money and sisterhood in an industry known for eating its own.

Lifetime was wise to have Cheryl James (a.k.a. Salt) and Sandy Denton (a.k.a. Pepa) involved with the production as executive producers, alongside Queen Latifah, Flavor Unit’s Shakim Compere and Jessie Collins. Hurby Azor and James “Jimmy” Maynes are co-producers. The legendary Mario Van Peeples is the director.

Are you ready to “push it real good” with your door knocker earrings and asymmetrical haircut? If not, maybe the trailer below will get you in the mood:


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