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Season Three Of 'Saints & Sinners' Is Going To Be As Scandalous As Ever

Season Three Of ‘Saints & Sinners’ Is Going To Be As Scandalous As Ever
vicnt/Getty Images

Bounce TV is back with another must-watch season of Saints & Sinners

The series takes a peek into the politics of a Southern Baptist church and its community as it becomes entrenched in greed, corruption, and crime. The series stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Keith Robinson, Clifton Powell, Demetria McKinney, and Christian Keyes.

In the latest clip for the upcoming third season of the series, things are more scandalous than ever. The cast opens up about their characters’ motivations, with Keyes discussing how his character, Levi, is making plans to come back with a vengeance, “I think Levi feels that he’s right. He’s been messed over by the family, fired by the church, and therefore in his mind, what he’s doing and what he’s going to do is okay.”

The series has been a big win for Bounce. The show’s premiere pulled in 1.3 million viewers with its second episode bringing in 1.5 million.

What secrets, twists, and scandals are fans in for in the new season? You’ll have to wait and see.

Saints & Sinners returns Sunday, April 8 at 9p.m. ET on Bounce.